What is Fraxel?

The Fraxel Laser has revolutionized laser resurfacing of the face with its patented “laser columns” that treat a percentage of the face instead of “burning” the entire face. This leaves a portion of the normal skin to help heal the newly treated skin. It is a highly effective Erbium laser for the treatment of fine wrinkles, age spots, acne, and stretch marks. The laser causes a permanent change to the collagen in the skin by heating. Its greatest asset is the ability to obtain results with minimal “down time” (2 days) where the traditional CO2 laser required 3-4 weeks. Dr. Lee has treated many satisfied patients with the Fraxel Laser, including darker Fitzpatrick (III-V) skin, such as Asian and Hispanic skin.

Why the Fraxel 1500, Restore Laser?

Dr. Lee has chosen the Fraxel Restore 1500 Laser for his practice for several reasons. First, Fraxel is the original laser and market leader in “Fractional” Laser technology. The company has the proven technology and years of experience to back its claims. Second, many of his patients are professionals who require minimal down time after the procedure. It usually takes only 48 hrs for some moderate redness and swelling to subside to return to work or other high level activities. Finally, it is the newest of the Erbium class of Fraxel lasers with the greatest efficacy, most research, and experience.