What Fraxel Treats

Fine wrinkles and Enlarged Pores

The Fraxel Laser is an excellent non-surgical treatment option in the treatment of fine wrinkes. As the laser columns heat up the collagen in the dermis, permanent changes result in the skin that “smooth” out the fine wrinkles. The treatment of fine wrinkles can improve the overall complexion to the face and can be a good adjunct to surgical procedures where greater improvement in skin lines is needed.

Brown Spots

Brown spots come in various shapes, thicknesses, and shades of darkness. Most often, they are a sign of aging and/or sun damage. Pigmented skin lesions are important because they can represent melanoma, a serious skin cancer of pigment cell origin. If the lesion is of concern, it should be excised and sent to pathology. Most “age or sun spots” can be treated with a combination of lasers and topical skin agents. Each used alone is not nearly as effective as when the modalities are combined to treat brown spots.


Melasma often called the “mask of pregnancy” is a skin condition with increased pigment cells. Often times, it is related to certain medication, pregnancy, and hormonal imbalance. The Fraxel laser has been shown to dramatically improve this skin condition.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks have responded to the Fraxel laser with moderate improvement. Please ask Dr. Lee about the details of this treatment.