Your Experience on the Day of Treatment

Fraxel Treatment Protocol

Approximately 1.5 hrs is required from start to finish for a Fraxel Treatment. A minimum of least 3 treatments of the Fraxel is recommended for optimal results. Some patients have asked for as many as 7 treatments, but the average is between 3-5 treatments. A starting photograph is taken and the face is washed to remove any cosmetics or oils. “Numbing cream” is applied for approximately 1 hour. During this time, you may relax, take a nap, or read. After this, the cream is removed and Tracking Gel is applied to help the laser glide over the skin. Additional medicine may be applied during this time to make the laser treatment as comfortable as possible. Dr. Lee personally performs all the Fraxel laser treatments as he brings all the technical skills and precision of a surgeon to the treatment process. The treatment is not dolled out to a nurse or other “technician” as is done in many practices. The actual Laser session takes 15-20 minutes, done with a cooling device on the skin for comfort. Once completed, a multilayered skin regimen is started to protect and soothe the skin.

After the Fraxel Treatment

The skin is treated with the the latest skin care products to soothe the skin and also help in rapid regeneration of the epidermis. These medical grade products are made by Skinceuticals and are included in the package price of the treatments. Moisturizers, Epidermal Repair cream, and high SPF sunscreen are the cornerstone of prevention and maintenance for skin care after Fraxel. Skin lightening agents are used in conjunction with the Fraxel for more potency.