Diagnostic Ultrasound

Diagnostic Ultrasound is used before, during and after the procedure for a complete examination of the leg veins. State of the art Duplex Ultrasound is used at the center to assess the veins which cannot be seen through the skin. Duplex ultrasound provides extremely accurate images of the blood vessels in the legs; it shows the direction of blood flow in the veins and arteries. This careful examination is painless and helps to pinpoint the source of the problem in blood flow. This provides information regarding the “reflux”(backward flow) in the veins causing the symptoms in the legs. By obtaining an accurate map of the veins, Dr. Lee is able to plan an appropriate course of treatment. The first consultation takes 30-45 minutes where a medical history and full examination of the leg is performed. A Duplex Ultrasound (2 Way Color Ultrasound) of the Veins is also be performed which will usually confirm reflux in the veins.