Welcome to the L plastic surgery Vein & Laser Center. Our practice is dedicated to sharing our expertise in Non-Surgical Laser treatments of Varicose Veins, Spider Veins, and other Common Skin Conditions using the latest cutting edge technologies to improve your quality of life and health.

Laser treatment via EndoVenous Laser Therapy (EVLT) is as effective as vein stripping with less long term recurrence. There is a significantly shorter recovery time, minimal scarring, no hospitalization or general anesthesia required, and has been proven effective in over 100,000 patients since its advent.

The L plastic surgery Vein & Laser Center uses a combination of several lasers, radiofrequency, and precision plastic surgery to have the most optimal outcome in a boutique setting, centered around your specific needs. Because we are a private plastic surgery office, we can offer the entire range of surgical and non-surgical treatments with the convenience of a single office setting. We are honored to become a part of your health and well-being.


We are proud to open our Laser tattoo removal center at the famous Seventh Son Tattoo location in partnership with Luke Stewart. seventhsontattoo.com

Laser Light Specialists
65 Langton Street, San Francisco, California, 94103
visit us online: laserlightspecialists.com

Dr. Lee will be working with a team of nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants–all top tier health care professionals– whom he has personally trained to use the Lutronic Spectra Laser (1064 nm Q-Swtiched Nd:YAG), the most efficient and powerful laser for tattoo removal.  Dr. Lee brings over a decade of laser experience and expertise to offer this cutting edge technology at this new location to provide the added convenience and artistic synergy with the tattoo artists at Seventh Son Tattoo.